ACVP Virtual Happy Hour – May 28

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


A virtual get-together with members of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals community. Open to members and non-members and absolutely FREE—first 20 people to register may attend!

Not a good time for you? We’ll be scheduling more of these informal get-togethers in the coming weeks and Months. Leave a comment, below, to tell us when would work for you!

Why a Happy Hour?

You’re probably getting used to the “we’re all in this together” emails at this point, and while this is an important sentiment, especially during moments of crisis, we know that our actions will always speak louder than our words.

So, ACVP is actively trying to build that community, which we know is so critical during periods of duress and concerted effort. We are currently organizing a series of virtual happy hours for cardiovascular professionals to come together, share their experiences with one another, and, most importantly, reinforce the collective character of our mutual efforts.

We want to capitalize on your unique skill sets and perspectives to recognize the exceptional work you do, elevate your successes and solutions as examples for your professional peers, and provide a much-needed social outlet for the inherent stress and burdens of your efforts.

While we will prepare a loose structure for these virtual happy hours to get us into our conversation, we expect this experience to be largely participant-driven. As such, we are limiting participation to no more than 20 persons.

As a jumping off point, our second happy hour will be based around the how COVID-19 has changed our outlook on the impact of our work, on our patient interactions, and what we are grateful for in this difficult time. But again – we expect that the conversation will develop naturally, and are ready to go wherever the participants’ interest and discussion may lead.

Ultimately, we hope this will reinvigorate or drive and proficiency in the most important characteristic of cardiovascular professionals and professional peers alike during this period: flexibility and adaptability to change.

I hope you will consider joining ACVP as we continue our mission to support YOU by building relationships, sharing stories, and emphasizing what is most personal and human about cardiovascular care.

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