Official Scope of Practice for Cardiovascular Technologists

The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals is the only professional organization catering specifically to cardiovascular technologists, registered nurses and radiologic technologists in cardiac care, and keeps the official educational guidelines and scope of practice for cardiovascular technologists, RCIS and RCES professionals.

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Scope of Practice for the Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) 2018

The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory/Invasive Cardiovascular Laboratory (CCL, ICL) is one of the most unique medical environments in existence today. The goal of the cardiovascular lab is to perform diagnostic exams to obtain sufficient and valid data (hemodynamic and radiologic), and then to perform interventional/therapeutic procedures to treat the disease process while maintaining maximal patient safety and comfort.

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Registered Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist (RCES) Scope of Practice 2017

The goal of the Electrophysiology Laboratory (EPL) is to perform diagnostic studies to obtain sufficient electrocardiographic and radiologic data regarding bradyarrhythmias, or tachyarrythmias, and then to perform interventional procedures while maintaining maximal patient safety and comfort.

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ACVP Educational Guidelines for Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Personnel in the Cardiovascular Catheterization Laboratory 2018

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