Latest Advocacy Updates

  • July Advocacy Update: California Fluoroscopy Guidance
    California fluoroscopy regulations were amended in 2019/20 with recognition of all professionals in the cath lab—here's the latest. The pandemic has brought many changes to the healthcare landscape.  One of the most notable recognitions, however, is the fact that allied health professionals are nimble, can provide ongoing support, and are, indeed, ESSENTIAL! Nowhere is this…
  • Support for Cardiovascular Professionals through COVID-19
    Towards the beginning of this crisis, I wrote a message to our network regarding our response to COVID-19. Crucially, I want to remind everyone, again, that ACVP has maintained a remote staff infrastructure for many years, and our day-to-day operations and support for cardiovascular professionals has not changed despite COVID-19. I also wanted to take…
  • The Value of an Association of Cardiovascular Professionals
    My boss, Peggy McElgunn, is a truly excellent mentor and advocate. She has decades of experience serving as the Executive Director of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals as well as with other professional associations and non-profit organizations across healthcare and other industries. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise is no small part of the value…
  • Non-physician Cardiovascular Professionals are the Foundation of Quality Care
    Cardiovascular Professionals Week 2020 Begins Feb 9! Cardiovascular Professionals Week 2020 is next week, February 9-15! This year, the theme is Wholehearted Professionals, Wholehearted Care, in an effort to emphasize how the hard work and commitment of non-physician cardiovascular professionals produces excellent patient care—from patient advocacy to innovations impacting quality. From the direct patient care…
  • Good News! Bill Seals Fluoroscopy Exemption in Maryland
    On Monday, May 13, Maryland House Bill 924 was signed into law, carving out an exemption in existing state law such that RCIS professionals can continue assisting in the performance of fluoroscopy procedures in Maryland cath labs.
  • ACVP testifies in New Hampshire
    The NHMIRSB is in the process of finalizing rules affecting the ability of Cath Lab personnel – specifically affecting RCIS and RCES credentialed staff, and Nurses - to position patients and conduct fluoroscopy in the Cath Lab at the direction of a physician.
  • California Regulations to Relax on Fluoroscopy
    The motion must now work its way through the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) before it is ratified into regulation, though it clearly reflects a willingness of the RTCC to support team-based care in California cath labs.