February 10-16

Our members inspired the theme for cardiovascular professionals week 2019: "The Beat Goes On." The dedicated professionals in cardiac care work tirelessly to keep hearts healthy—and quality care in cardiology requires a great deal of teamwork.

DELIVERING QUALITY CARE ISN'T JUST ABOUT DOCTORS & PHARMACISTS. Today, patients rely on a diverse team of professionals of different educational and cultural backgrounds—managers, nurses, technologists, technicians, care coordinators, rehab specialists—all working together to provide the best care, the best way.

CARDIAC CARE IS THE "HEART" OF INNOVATION, WHERE CHANGE HAPPENS FAST. Nowhere else in health care does care change so quickly—nowhere else does the "best care, best way" target move so fast—that it seems like cardiovascular professionals learn something new every day. In our experience, these professionals are always learning—because they truly care about providing the best possible cardiac services.

FRANKLY, THESE AWESOME PROFESSIONALS DESERVE MORE THAN ONE WEEK. The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals works year-round to support cardiovascular professionals in every specialty. But we're not going to settle for patting ourselves on the back. We want everyone—your organization, your hospital, your local government—to celebrate with us, to celebrate real teamwork, real quality care, and real success. Help us celebrate—send us your success stories.

MAKE SURE THEY GET THEIR WEEK. Even a small but heart-felt tribute to these hard-working, deeply caring individuals during CVP Week could make a big difference. CVP Week is a chance to build relationships between professions, improve teamwork and recognize everyone's important role on the team. Frankly, it could just make everyone a little bit happier with their work—that's not just lip service, a little recognition can go a long way to a happier, more dynamic, more connected workplace.

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SUPPORT THESE CARING PROFESSIONALS—STAND UP FOR TEAM WORK. But CVP Week is also an opportunity for meaningful advocacy—making a real difference for professionals by educating legislators, employers, doctors, and everyone about what makes cardiovascular professionals so qualified to provide excellent, team-based patient care. ACVP can help—and you don't have to take it from us:

"Over five years ago, I said 'enough' to bureaucrats in Sacramento. To stand up to them alone seemed like a David and Goliath moment.
"So I reached out to ACVP for help. I have never been alone since then. Working as an individual, you can accomplish a lot, but working as a group, like ACVP, you can accomplish whatever you set your sights on.
"I am proud to say, we are almost finished with regulations that will protect the future of Cardiovascular Professionals. Together we are helping to protect and shape the future of Cardiac Care."
- Ed Pezanoski, RCIS, ACVP Member

MAKE A DIFFERENCE, OR JUST HAVE HEART-FELT FUN. We truly care about cardiovascular professionals everywhere, so we offer a FREE resource that provides examples for how you can celebrate the week. It includes:

  • An organizing & planning schedule
  • Sample press releases and letters to government
  • Fun ideas & activities to celebrate and promote CVP Week 2019
  • Sample awards to hand out to your team

We offer this resource completely free—no strings attached—we won't even annoy you by asking you for your email. Though, if you've never heard of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals, or aren't receiving our emails, we'd really appreciate it if you connected with us.


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  1. I am very excited to see an entire week dedicated to cardiovascular professionals, thank you for advocating this needed recognition.

      1. Thanks for pointing that out, Al. I’ve fixed the typo.

        Though, it looks like you’re also struggling to find the right word – it was a usage error, not a grammatical one!

        Just kidding. 🙂

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