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How to Start a Chapter

1. Set time, date, and place for organizational meeting.

□ Phone all interested people

□ Notify the national office if you need assistance

□ Obtain mailing labels from the national office

□ Send invitational letters to as many potentials members as possible (or request the national office to do so).

2. Hold an Organizational Meeting

□ Decide if there is adequate interest to start a chapter

□ Decide on the area to be served by the chapter

□ Decide on whether to have chapter membership dues and the amount.

□ Select officers and representatives.

□ Have attendees complete both national and local membership applications.

□ Select the date and location of the next meeting and/or educational seminar.

3. After the Organizational Meeting

□ Submit Chapter Charter application form.

□ Submit chapter Bylaws and/or request national assistance in completing this step.

□ Establish a checking account at a local bank.

□ Request stationary or order stationary after receiving the national logo, acronym, etc. as prepared for printing purposes.

4. Obtaining a Charter

□ Submit Bylaws, membership roster, protem officers, and form enclosed for review and approval.

□ After the review process has been completed; the chapter will receive a certificate indicating their chapter membership and established date.

5. Annual Renewal of Chapter

□ Submit “Annual Chapter Report” by October 15, of each year.

□ Submit state of income/expenses and balance sheet by October 15 of each year.

□ Submit current membership roster by June 15, of each year.

□ Chapter will receive renewal certificates each year.

Chapter application processing takes approximately 4-6 weeks and is dependent upon the level of assistance a chapter may require.

ACVP Online Chapter Planning Guide - REVISED 06/2017

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