ACVP Preceptor Program

The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals recognizes the need for licensed practitioners to obtain Continuing Education Units. ACVP understands the need for additional educational experiences to assist the cardiovascular and/or pulmonary technology practitioner in providing optimal patient care.

The Preceptor Program, accredited through Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Continuing Education/BRN (CaPCE) program service is one method of implementing this philosophy by providing preceptor program approval for Continuing Education Units.

The program allows for structured continuing education in a clinical setting or where role modeling, feedback and coaching can contribute to excellent additional educational experiences and promote quality, safety and excellence in cardiovascular care.


  • To provide valuable teaching and learning experience and to role model safe patient care using evidence-based practice.
  • To demonstrate clinical expertise and competence to be a role model for safe, quality patient care.
  • To provide constructive feedback and coaching, demonstrate effective communication, interpersonal and conflict management skills to foster interprofessional collaboration and patient satisfaction.
  • To develop and implement learning needs and implement a learning plan.

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Continuing education defined

Equivalencies for all categories:

  • 1 contact hour = 0.1 CEU (60 minutes)
  • 1 CEU = 10 contact hours (600 minutes)
  • 1 academic quarter credit = 10 contact hours
  • 1 academic semester hour = 15 contact hours

Calculation of CaPCE CEUs includes introduction and evaluation time. Breaks, meals and exhibits are not included in CE calculation. Clinical hours may be converted to contact hours. Three (3) clinical clock hours and equivalent to one (1) contact hour or 0.1 CaPCE CEU.

  • 3 clinical clock hours = 1 contact hour = 0.1 CEU

Requirements for Preceptor CE Approval

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: In clear, concise language, the description of instruction and support should provide a brief synopsis of activities. Description should include overall purpose, relevance to specific target audience, format and instructional methods employed.

PARTICIPANT OBJECTIVES: Participant objectives state what the successful learner will know or be able to do at the end of the instruction. The objective should identify the learner’s expected performance, as well as the conditions and criterion of acceptable performance.

SCHEDULE/CONTENT OUTLINE: The schedule indicates the time and sequence of the instruction. Also the schedule should indicate how clinical time is spent and what activities will be included.

BIBLIOGRAPHY/REFERENCE LIST: The program content is to be based on theory and/or research in cardiovascular and/or pulmonary medicine and technology. Current, accurate, and pertinent bibliographies or reference lists assist the learner’s further study of the program topic, if available, should be submitted.

PRECEPTORS: The preceptors must be educationally qualified and/or considered an expert in the field of content being presented. All preceptors should provide qualifying documentation, including curriculum vitae for review at time request for continuing education approval. (Expert is defined as a person who has special skill or knowledge in a particular field: trained by practice.)

EVALUATION OF LEARNING: METHODS/TOOLS: Evaluation of students learning measures the achievement of the participant objectives. The method selected (pre-test/post-test, return demonstration, case study, self-assessment questions, concept implementation, etc.) should relate to the intended purpose of the instruction. This should include at least three questions per session. A copy of the evaluation tool should measure if learning has occurred as a result of the instruction provided.

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ACVP Preceptor Fee Structure

ACVP Member/School Member

Initial Certification (affiliated with member institution/school) $0.00
Annual Membership Fee (non-student) $45.00*
TOTAL FEES (affiliated with a member institution/school) $45.00

ACVP Members/School Nonmember

Initial Certification $100.00
Annual Membership Fee $45.00*
Total Fees (with Membership) $145.00


Initial Certification $150.00
Non Member Fee $300.00
Total Fees (without Membership) $450.00

*this can be submitted at any time during a 12 month period prior to requesting preceptor continuing education

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