How to Use the New ACVP Website

I'm Kurt Jensen, and I was recently added to the ACVP team as the Communications Director. I'm here to improve internal communications between members and provide you with more and more valuable information than ever before.

Our first step was to improve the design and usability of the ACVP website. I implemented this design, and I want to help you use it to its full potential.

First, you have to log-in. Your email, the same one you used for the last site, will work as your username, and you will be able to use this one account to access and contribute to all the members-only content on the site, like this post for example.

You may need to request a new password. Simply select forgot password, and a new password will be emailed to you. Once you've logged in you can change your password on the profile page.

Do this now by using the form on the sidebar. --->

Then click "continue reading" to learn more about the powerful new website.

If you're reading this, you have successfully logged-in to the new ACVP website!

There's lots you can do with your new account, like access our members' forums, peruse the blog without limitations, or update your information and renew your membership. You are also able to comment on blog posts or pages where comments are enabled.

I'd love your feedback about the usability of the new website, if it's working for you or if you find it convenient or inconvenient, so please comment here with questions, ideas, or visit the feedback section of our member forums to suggest new services you'd like to see implemented on this platform.

You can also quickly subscribe to this blog via email with the widget on the sidebar. --->

We plan to bring our members a great deal of valuable content via this blog, in addition our social media channels. Check the "Follow" menu below to find quick links to our social media channels. We will bring you news and updates via Twitter, educational video content via YouTube and Google+, as well as more discussion about topics that matter to you on Facebook.

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