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Make a commitment to an outstanding team.

The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals, the only professional association catering specifically to non-physician cardiac professionals, CV administrators and institutions, can provide your organization, and most importantly your TEAM, with huge value you won’t find elsewhere. Institutional membership in ACVP is a low-cost investment in QUALITY, facilitating: excellent, live education for your team; networking and insight from other organizations; impactful advocacy support from our deeply experienced executive staff; valuable data from our network of administrators and professionals; and more.

ACVP institutional membership further provides the significant benefit of professional support to your team members, with discounted individual memberships included in your institutional fees. (Or waived, entirely—see our latest offer!) ACVP membership promotes personal and professional advancement, recognition and ultimately excellence for your staff through high quality, relevant education, meaningful mentorships, fellowship opportunities, publication in our member-driven and peer-reviewed magazine, CV Directions, regular updates on the latest in cardiac care, and much more.

Institutional membership in ACVP is a minimal investment that signals, LOUDLY, your organization’s commitment to providing outstanding care and supporting outstanding team members. ACVP is here to help your organization stand out. Join ACVP as an institutional member and let us know how we can best recognize and promote your excellence.

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Chapter Affiliation

Chapters are a great way of building local support and camaraderie.  ACVP provides you with expert guidance in the administrative development of a chapter including meeting all organizational and legal requirements necessary to be recognized as a nonprofit educational organization.  Chapter members pay individual dues as professional members of ACVP.  For information about chapters and to request a chapter guideline, please contact

Chapter Planning RESOURCES

Host a Cardio Conference

The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals sponsors cardio conferences all over the country. Whether they are two hour night courses or two-day events, ACVP ensures each conference boasts excellent speakers and CEUs. Plus, attendance is entirely free for all members of the host institution or chapter. Below are examples of programs to consider.  Formats vary and ACVP is positioned to support your efforts however you may require.

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