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Chapters of the ACVP are authorized by the National Board of Directors. Chapters must be organized and operated in accordance with these rules and regulations as adopted by the Board of Directors.

Chapters must comply with these regulations in order to provide assurance that the chapters are in accordance with the goals and purpose of the society, and to maintain the tax exempt status of the society and its chapters. Failure to comply will result in revocation of the charter authorizing the chapter’s operation.

I. Chapter Charter

A. Chapter Charter operation forms, including a list of members, officers, bylaws must be submitted to the national office.

B. All chapter members must be members of the national society. Please note, chapter members are often entitled to discounted national membership rates recognizing their support and involvement with local activities. Contact the office at 804.639.9213 to determine rates and establish an online portal for chapter member national dues! 

1. Chapters may collect national dues from chapter members and forward these checks to the national office along with the filing of the chapter charter.

2. Chapters may assess chapter dues at no more then 60% of the national dues.

II. Annual Renewal of Chapter Charters

A. Chapter will apply for renewal by October 15 of each calendar year, using an annual chapter report form. Chapters who do not comply will be notified, and if annual report is not received in a timely manner, the chapter’s charter will be revoked.

B. Chapters should provide articles for the national website of publications outlining educational programs, events progress etc., on a biannual basis. This information should be sent to the national office quarterly.

III. Organization Charters

A. Bylaws of the chapter must conform to the national bylaws and be approved by the national office.

B. Chapter officers must include a President and Treasurer, at minimum.

C. The chapter name should include a local designation (i.e., Virginia Chapter of the ACVP). The chapter must carry the national logo, acronym, and name along with the local designation.

D. The National Society will supply start-up stationary as a one time grant upon request of the chapter.

E. Chapters are entitled to send two representatives to the national meetings where ACVP may have a presence for focus groups and discussions on the growth of the society.

1. National representatives may be responsible for identifying and making recommendations to the national Board of Directors. Recommendations may be submitted in writing as well, in the event national meeting participation is not possible.

IV. Financial Regulations

A. All chapters are expected to be self-supporting.

B. Upon termination or dissolution of a local chapter, remaining funds will be transferred to the bank accounts held by the national chapter.

C. Each chapter must complete the financial report included in the “Annual Chapter Report." Failure to submit this information will result in the loss of charter of the delinquent chapter because information contained herein is used by the IRS to maintain tax exemption.

1. If the chapter complies with the requirements included in the “Annual Chapter Report” they will qualify for tax-exempt status under the national society exemption umbrella.

2. In the event that a chapter loses its charter, all assets of the chapter should be transferred to the national society.

D. Each Chapter must furnish the national office with a federal employee identification number assigned to the chapter, or the social security number of an officer issued for identification of the chapter’s bank account. For assistance with this requirement, please contact the national office at 804.639.9213.

V. Educational Regulations

A. All educational programs presented by chapters should be geared towards professional practice within cardiovascular Technology.

B. Chapters may apply with the national organization for CEUs for their seminars and meetings. All application fees will be waived for chartered chapters wishing to obtain CEU approval from the ACVP. Other forms of CEU approval which may incur fees will be charged to the chapter at cost should the chapter wish to include these CEUs. CaPCE (Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Continuing Education) Forms can be obtained through the ACVP website or by calling the national office.

C. Chapters should utilize the National Society communication vehicles for advertising their seminars and activities.

ACVP Online Chapter Planning Guide - REVISED 06/2017

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