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Continuing our commitment to the spread of best practices in Cardiovascular healthcare, and supporting the professional excellence of our members, the ACVP publishes innovative research and critical analysis on the many issues that Cardiovascular professionals are facing today through its flagship publication, CV Directions.

Current Prompts

Retention and team-building

    • How do you get the most out of your team?
    • How do you encourage communication and sharing amongst team members?
    • Would you describe your team as a learning community?

Standardization in criteria and reporting

    • Is your organization adopting more or new criteria for particular procedures?
    • Have you adopted criteria in the past? Did you see results?
    • Are you choosing NOT to adopt criteria for a particular reason?
    • What are the challenges of new systems/methods of reporting? What are the benefits?

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Topics for Consideration
CV Directions accepts submissions on a rolling basis about any topic relating to cardiovascular healthcare. CV Directions accepts both quantitative and qualitative studies relating to clinical practice or people management and administration. Relevant topics range from clinical innovation, legal or ethical concerns, evaluation and performance measures, and policy development to culturally responsive practice and policy, or even the strengths and failings of current practice techniques. The major criterion for publication is the applicability to practice and policy concerns in cardiovascular healthcare, or its inquiry into new or better practices not widely disseminated.

Press Releases
CV Directions also accepts press releases from member institutions. CV Directions is an ideal channel for distribution of public relations content among cardiovascular professionals, especially when your hospital is announcing innovative new policies or programs designed to improve the quality of healthcare.

Submissions should range from between 2-4 pages double-spaced. While ACVP will accept submissions of both more and less, this is ideal (not including graphics and/or tables). All manuscripts, including press releases, should conclude with a thoroughly thought through "implications for practice" section, an analysis of how the material, development, innovation, etcetera can be used in rethinking practice, policy, further research, administration, etcetera.

Articles and studies should be 600-1000 words, and preferably include graphics, figures, or tables. If your study is longer than 1000 words, we will review the entire work and if it is accepted, we will work with you to shorten it into a more bite-sized proportion, and release the entire contribution as supplementary material.

Press releases should be 200-400 words and also include graphic materials related to the new program or the relevant institution.

The editors of CV Directions also understand that despite your expertise, writing may not be your strong suit, and we can work with you to produce excellent, professional work.

Submission Contact
Email submissions or inquiries to the managing editor of CV Directions, Kurt Jensen, at

All submissions should include a cover letter with author's contact information with name, position title and affiliation of each author, as well as the manuscript title and an abstract limited to 100 words.

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