ACVP Educator Council – Q3 Meeting

The ACVP Educator council aims to foster collaboration and facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas within the specialized cardiovascular educator community.

We are asking that all who are interested in participating to register for below for our next meeting on August 29th at 6pm ET!

The ACVP Educators council will meet four times a year, online, with the agenda driven by its members. Registering for Educator Council meetings ensures that you are kept up to date on all updates and resources ACVP will share that is of relevance to all stakeholders in the cardiovascular educator community.

That is why it is so important that you join us!  What are those burning topics that you feel all educators should be aware of?  We want to hear from YOU!  Fill out this form and share potential topics you would like the ACVP Educator Council to discuss.

ACVP is committed to addressing and supporting the unique needs of cardiovascular educators. We are eager to create a platform that not only addresses current challenges but also explores new avenues for growth and development within cardiovascular education. Join us for an engaging session where we look forward to expanding the opportunities for collaboration and networking amongst cardiovascular educators.

Sign up below and join us!

ACVP Educator Council - Q3 Meeting - August 29th

Join us in creating a vibrant community dedicated to supporting cardiovascular education!


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