ACVP – State Quality and Practice Council (SQPC) – Q3 Meeting – September 12th @ 6pm ET

Join us on September 12th at 6pm EST for the next ACVP State Quality and Practice Council (SQPC) meeting!

The State Quality Practice Council (SQPC) is a new ACVP initiative aimed at addressing the unique advocacy needs of cardiovascular professionals on a state-by-state basis. Cardiovascular professionals play a pivotal role in delivering quality care, and it is essential to safeguard your professional interests. The SQPC will actively engage in advocacy efforts to protect the interests of cardiovascular professionals.

Your involvement will not only benefit you as a cardiovascular professional but will also contribute to the collective strength and resilience of our profession as a whole. We look forward to your continued support and collaboration as we work together to advance the interests of cardiovascular professionals across the nation.

Initially, the SQPC will meet quarterly, and we will work to gather information and establish priorities for the council.

Why join us?

  • Collaboration on developing advocacy strategies tailored to the specific needs of cardiovascular professionals within your state.
  • Stay informed about state-level legislation affecting cardiovascular healthcare and professionals, and work towards creating a positive impact.
  • Education and training to empower advocates with the knowledge and skills needed for effective advocacy.

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ACVP State Quality Practice Council - September 12th

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