Take part today in the ACVP Connetwork Program – there is no cost to you as a member of ACVP.


  • Learn from your peers and colleagues.
  • There isn’t a challenge or obstacle someone hasn’t already faced in healthcare today – learn from those who have successfully met what you face.
  • Creatively work with your peers – re-energize and invigorate your approach to work.

Do you need help?  Do you have a question?  As a member of ACVP, you are invited to tap into the resource of the ACVP Connetwork Program.  This Connetwork is provided by members of the Society.  Together, we can provide each other with answers.  Together we can identify best practices.  Together we can make a difference in healthcare!  It is our collective knowledge and expertise that positions us for working successfully in today’s environment.

Answer the questions below to help get your inquiry entered into the Connetwork Program and get your answers to you!

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Your inquiry will be submitted to ACVP’s Connetwork.  One of our Connexperts will respond to your inquiry directly.  In the event you do not hear from a Connexpert within 2 weeks, please contact Peggy McElgunn at peggymcelgunn@comcast.net for a Connexpert to help you with your inquiry.

Any responses are those of the Connexperts.  ACVP does not endorse any specific response provided.  This service is a networking service provided to members of ACVP.

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