The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals, the only cardiac professional organization catering specifically to non-physician professionals, connects over 3,000 members and 10,000 networked professionals involved in all levels of cardiovascular service (administration, management, nursing and technology) and involved in all specialties (invasive, noninvasive, echo, cardiopulmonary).

ACVP has a 40+ year history of service leading the way in representing professionals, supporting credentialing and providing continuing education for advancement. ACVP offers members high quality professional education granting CEUs to CVTs, RTs, and RNs. ACVP is also an excellent resource for cardiology supervisors and administrators with ample opportunities for professional development and recognition of members.

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Our Mission

Information. Education. Recognition.

  • To meet the needs of all cardiovascular and pulmonary providers.
  • To promulgate standards.
  • To promote recognition of the cardiovascular profession.


President Linda Paxton, BSN, MBA

Linda Paxton, BSN, MBA, is the administrative director of Cardiovascular Services at St. Mary’s and St. Francis Hospitals at the Heart & Vascular Institute of Bon Secours Richmond Health System in Virginia. She is the president of ACVP as of 2016.

Executive Director Peggy McElgunn, Esq.

Peggy McElgunn, Esq. is the Executive Director of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals and has been with the organization for over twenty-five years. Ms. McElgunn's legal background includes working for a law firm where she lobbied on behalf of over 180 clients and developed position papers for them on Congressional and Federal Agency issues. Ms. McElgunn created a congressional caucus; monitored legislative and regulatory developments at the local, state, and national level; and managed the legal and government affairs for over twenty-two trade associations and professional societies.

Strategic Direction

Growing Membership: As the Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals joined ranks with the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals in 2017, ACVP is now the only association catering specifically to non-physician cardiovascular professionals in the United States. It is ACVP's ultimate goal to expand its membership to connect all cardiovascular professionals working across all disciplines and specialties. Help us achieve our goals by joining acvp or referring colleagues to join.

Promoting Quality Education: The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals promotes excellent, live-format and inter-professional continuing education by holding regional meetings across the United States. It is one of ACVP's key objectives to expand professional access to this quality education through support of these meetings. Help us achieve our goals by volunteering your organization to host a meeting. We make it easy! Or, offer CEUs for the excellent education you already provide via our simple CEU application.

Providing Vital Information: ACVP remains committed to providing members and all cardiovascular professionals vital information affecting, advancing, or supporting their practice and professional attainment. ACVP will soon re-launching a print edition of its flagship, peer-reviewed magazine, CV Directions, to help facilitate this goal. ACVP continues to regularly update members and others on the ACVP blog and via our email newsletters. Sign up to receive our newsletters, here.

Promoting Professional Recognition: ACVP is committed to advocating on behalf of team-based care in cardiovascular care at large. Non-physician professionals across disciplines bring unique skill sets and knowledge bases to the cardiac care team which improve the quality of care. ACVP will continue to protect professionals' right to practice and scopes of practice to facilitate quality care. Learn more about our recent advocacy efforts, here. Find scopes of practice for the RCIS and RCES, here.