Interprofessional Cardiovascular Education – Essential Characteristic #4

Is your team a learning community? Try interprofessional cardiovascular education.

interprofessional cardiovascular education

We're still counting our five essential characteristics for highly effective cardiac care teams. Number four? Interprofessional cardiovascular education.

ACVP Blog recently discussed the ACC's Health Policy Statement advocating for team-based care.

In that statement, the authors also detailed the importance of interprofessional cardiovascular education in facilitating team-based care and communication, another one of our essential characteristics for highly effective cardiovascular teams.

Interprofessional education facilitates greater interaction among providers across different disciplines. The interaction leads to conversations that can inspire new thinking and ideas for improving cardiovascular team-based care. ACC Health Policy Statement

Our discussion of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health's report hypothesized that the face-to-face interactions they found to positively impact quality and cost of cardiovascular disease care were related to the creation of a learning community among the cardiovascular team.

Every team member learns something from every patient, but often this learning is not shared throughout the organization, even at the unit or team level. ACVP Blog

Put differently, every cardiovascular team member develops their own expertise, and the entire team benefits from the collective sharing of that expertise and knowledge.

At the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals it is our mission to provide high quality interprofessional cardiovascular education, as it is our expert opinion that these shared educational experiences best facilitate the spread of knowledge, best practices and quality care.

Our events are also team-building, with team doctors, nurses, and other practitioners giving sessions to their colleagues within the hospital or learning together from experts outside the institution.

Team-building in an educational setting is a key step towards creating a learning community among the cardiovascular team, and that learning community is essential to providing higher quality care at lower costs.

What do you think? Has interprofessional cardiovascular education benefited your team and your outcomes? Has an ACVP event improved communication among your team members? Is your team a learning community?

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