Uniting the Cardiovascular Profession—For Your Benefit

The Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals will soon strengthen the ranks of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals.

Seeing an opportunity to unite the profession and improve the benefits of current members of both organizations, ACVP and SICP leadership agreed to join together.

SICP & ACVP joining means more resources, better benefits for members.

This opportunity to consolidate resources and benefits will result in more resources, better benefits, and fewer "upkeep" costs for members of the combined organization.

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Can Statins Reduce Heart Risk? – Cardiac News Round-Up


Statins are a big question in cardiac care.

Kaiser Permanente proudly reported last week the increased adoption of their daily statin regimen, but is the increased use of statins positive or negative?

Kaiser Permanente "ALL" quality improvement protocol increased prescription of heart and stroke risk medication regimen by 40 percent in community health centers. (Medical News Today, June 11)

The medication regimen bundles two generic drugs - a cholesterol-lowering statin and a blood pressure-lowering drug in daily doses to patients with diabetes or heart disease.

In 2009, Kaiser Permanente released a study showing that their protocol lowers the chance of hospitalization for heart attack or stroke the following year by more than 60 percent.

Statin association with memory loss in question? (MedPage Today, June 8)

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