A revolution in chronic heart failure management and more in CV Directions Vol. 3, No. 1

This is the first and only FDA-approved heart failure monitoring solution proven to reduce heart failure hospital admissions when used by physicians to manage heart failure. And the reduction is significant— 28 percent within the first six months and 37 percent over 15 months demonstrated in a large randomized study...

Learn more about CardioMEMS, find strategies to improve case mix index, or build a learning community in your team through preceptorship—all inside the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals flagship, peer-reviewed publication, CV Directions.


A revolution in chronic heart failure management

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The rise of consumer health wearables: promises and barriers

For chronic conditions, wearables could effortlessly provide detailed longitudinal data in order to monitor patients' progress without involving more sophisticated, uncomfortable, and expensive alternatives.

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First-ever cardiac catheterization lab accreditation program for a hospital system

...concluding that ACE would provided the broadest, most comprehensive evaluation of CHI's catheterization laboratory operations and procedures... We learned from the process that there were some opportunities within the CHI system to further standardize care...

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ACVP interview: Julie Rose, BSN, RN: unit based educator for cath lab, Mayo Clinic

What are the key motivators for your staff? Our approach is to get them involved right away through mentoring and giving them a sense of belonging, of ownership, in the process.

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Preceptorship: creating a learning community

Developing positive reinforcement strategies that foster support and learning is a step in the right direction.

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Strategies to improve case mix index (CMI)

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is a strategic imperative for hospitals... CDI programs provide the foundation for providers to accurately reflect the quality of patient care while increasing accuracy of coding and reporting.

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