The Future of Cardiovascular Services, According to Our Fellows

The Future of Cardiovascular Services According to Our Fellows - ACVP Blog

Last week, we celebrated Cardiovascular Professionals Week and announced our inaugural class of Fellows of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals, a community of outstanding individual leaders in cardiovascular service delivery. So everyone can get to know these outstanding and deeply experienced ACVP members a little better, we asked them questions about what the future of cardiovascular services holds for professionals.

The Future is Bright for Cardiovascular Professionals

Most of our fellows see growth in cardiovascular services to be a boon for the profession. "This is a profession that is growing and flourishing," said Andrew Graves, RCIS, FACVP, a Senior Territory Sales Manager with ACIST. "Yes, there are challenges associated with that growth. But the future is bright, in that there is high demand for professionals with cardiovascular skills—specific skills that take years to develop and optimize."

"Professionals in cardiovascular service [will see] longevity and growth," said Alphonso Beard, Jr., CCT, RCIS, FACVP, currently an independent consultant for cardiovascular travel staffing agencies. "According to projections published in the November 2013 issue of Health Affairs, the demand for cardiovascular services will grow about 20 percent by 2025."

"I think the future is very bright for our field, with new procedures being done all the time," said John Jennings, CRT, RRT, NPS, ACCS, RCIS, FACVP, an Implementation Team Lead with Cardiosolution. "It is a wonderful field for new people looking to going into healthcare."

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Announcing the Inaugural Class of Fellows of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals

Announcing our First Fellows of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals

As we celebrate Cardiovascular Professionals Week 2020, we are ecstatic to recognize a number of outstanding professionals as Fellows of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals. These individuals have a demonstrated commitment to staying at the cutting edge of quality care in their specialties, and we know them to go above and beyond the call of duty to impact quality care at their organizations.

Fellowship in the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals is a recognition of professionalism and leadership in cardiovascular service delivery for non-physician professionals, cardiovascular service line directors and administrators. In addition, ACVP Fellows form a community which facilitates communication and advancement in best practices across organizational and regional boundaries.

Thoughts on Fellowship from our Fellows

"Earning fellowship status as a member of ACVP is special to me not only personally but professionally as well," says Fellow Eric Kallstrom, MBA, ACS, RDCS, RCS, FASE, FACVP. "As a leader in noninvasive cardiovascular imaging, obtaining the premiere status of Fellow allows me to further guide my staff with the trusted leadership that they need and be the person that they can go to regarding education, quality, and best noninvasive diagnostic practices."

"ACVP Fellowship is the ultimate recognition of professional achievement for cardiovascular technologists, registered nurses and radiologic technologists working in [cardiology]," says Fellow Christopher Steelman MS, RT(R)(CI), RCIS, FACVP. "This is a special honor for me as I have long admired many of the professionals with whom I will now share the distinction."

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Non-physician Cardiovascular Professionals are the Foundation of Quality Care

Cardiovascular Professionals Week 2020 Begins Feb 9!

Cardiovascular Professionals Week 2020 is next week, February 9-15! This year, the theme is Wholehearted Professionals, Wholehearted Care, in an effort to emphasize how the hard work and commitment of non-physician cardiovascular professionals produces excellent patient care—from patient advocacy to innovations impacting quality.

From the direct patient care to the work that goes on behind the scenes to bring new technological innovations, new perspectives, and improved team structures to cardiology: non-physician professionals are the foundation upon which quality care is built.

In recent years, there has been a push to improve the diversity of the cardiovascular workforce, as there have been direct links demonstrated between the diversity of care teams, and the quality of care—and even financial stability—of care-providing institutions. The ethos of teamwork and collaboration that defines cardiovascular work makes it an ideal platform for the improvement of diversity across the spectrum of care delivery.

As the need for, and accessibility of, cardiovascular care is expected to grow in the coming years and decades, the importance of multidisciplinary teams, diverse perspectives, and increased partnership between professionals is only going to become more pronounced. Non-physician cardiovascular professionals are the keystone that will ultimately bring cardiovascular care completely into the 21st century, as healthcare transitions from a “procedural” perspective to a more “programmatic” focus.

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Non-physician Cardiology CE 2020 Slate Announced

ACVP Cardio Conference Schedule Announced: Non-physician Cardiology CE in 2020

The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals is excited to announce its upcoming slate of cardiology CE 2020 conferences for non-physician professionals. ACVP's mission is to bring the best low-cost, cardiology-specific continuing education directly to non-physician professionals around the United States.

Registered nurses and radiologic technologists often struggle to find quality cardiac-specific continuing education, as many of their CE resources are relevant to other specialties. ACVP seeks to solve that problem. And while cardiovascular technologists do not face the same issue in finding relevant education, ACVP remains a major provider of high quality continuing education for cardiovascular technologists.

ACVP is the only organization serving exclusively non-physicians in all cardiology specialties.

ACVP regional meetings provide a unique opportunity for registered nurses, radiologic and cardiovascular technologists to earn CEUs for cardiac-specific education in a preferred, in-person format. Excellent speakers offer timely content relevant to practice in your area, and attendee reviews are consistently stellar.

Dual-credentialed professionals, RT/RCIS or RN/RCIS, love our education for providing them with CEs applicable for both credentials. All ACVP conferences provide continuing education recognized by Cardiovascular Credentialing International, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and all State Boards of Nursing.

Planned Slate of Regional Cardiology CE 2020 Conferences

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