The Future of Cardiovascular Services, According to Our Fellows

The Future of Cardiovascular Services According to Our Fellows - ACVP Blog

Last week, we celebrated Cardiovascular Professionals Week and announced our inaugural class of Fellows of the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals, a community of outstanding individual leaders in cardiovascular service delivery. So everyone can get to know these outstanding and deeply experienced ACVP members a little better, we asked them questions about what the future of cardiovascular services holds for professionals.

The Future is Bright for Cardiovascular Professionals

Most of our fellows see growth in cardiovascular services to be a boon for the profession. "This is a profession that is growing and flourishing," said Andrew Graves, RCIS, FACVP, a Senior Territory Sales Manager with ACIST. "Yes, there are challenges associated with that growth. But the future is bright, in that there is high demand for professionals with cardiovascular skills—specific skills that take years to develop and optimize."

"Professionals in cardiovascular service [will see] longevity and growth," said Alphonso Beard, Jr., CCT, RCIS, FACVP, currently an independent consultant for cardiovascular travel staffing agencies. "According to projections published in the November 2013 issue of Health Affairs, the demand for cardiovascular services will grow about 20 percent by 2025."

"I think the future is very bright for our field, with new procedures being done all the time," said John Jennings, CRT, RRT, NPS, ACCS, RCIS, FACVP, an Implementation Team Lead with Cardiosolution. "It is a wonderful field for new people looking to going into healthcare."

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Cardiac Trend: Push for Routine EKG/ECG Screenings for Athletes

While media in the past few years might suggest a backlash against the rising use of EKG testing, an emerging trend shows many groups pushing for routine EKG/ECG screening of high-functioning athletes.

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Healthcare Environment in 2015, What do you think?

Healthcare executives recently shared 5 big predictions for 2015 with Healthcare DIVE, which might directly effect how you do your jobs in the rapidly approaching future.

Lisa Khorey of Ernst & Young's Health Care Advisory practice expects interoperability—the extent to which healthcare systems can share data—will be a major theme for administrators this year.

But this theme of data sharing extends further than clinical applications of shared medical records.

In the new CV Directions, dropping tomorrow, Jared Hullet of Vigilant Medical shares his ideas about online collaboration and data sharing:

"Now, imagine a department at one facility being able to post a sample of studies to a partner institution. That partner institution could then do an explanatory review for appropriateness and quality while simultaneously posting studies to the first institution for review as well. This proactive and cost effective approach would put these institutions out in front of the quality and appropriateness issues most cardiac programs are beginning to dread."

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