Non-physician Cardiology CE 2020 Slate Announced

ACVP Cardio Conference Schedule Announced: Non-physician Cardiology CE in 2020

The Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals is excited to announce its upcoming slate of cardiology CE 2020 conferences for non-physician professionals. ACVP's mission is to bring the best low-cost, cardiology-specific continuing education directly to non-physician professionals around the United States.

Registered nurses and radiologic technologists often struggle to find quality cardiac-specific continuing education, as many of their CE resources are relevant to other specialties. ACVP seeks to solve that problem. And while cardiovascular technologists do not face the same issue in finding relevant education, ACVP remains a major provider of high quality continuing education for cardiovascular technologists.

ACVP is the only organization serving exclusively non-physicians in all cardiology specialties.

ACVP regional meetings provide a unique opportunity for registered nurses, radiologic and cardiovascular technologists to earn CEUs for cardiac-specific education in a preferred, in-person format. Excellent speakers offer timely content relevant to practice in your area, and attendee reviews are consistently stellar.

Dual-credentialed professionals, RT/RCIS or RN/RCIS, love our education for providing them with CEs applicable for both credentials. All ACVP conferences provide continuing education recognized by Cardiovascular Credentialing International, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and all State Boards of Nursing.

Planned Slate of Regional Cardiology CE 2020 Conferences

Registration is currently open for the following ACVP Cardio Conferences scheduled through the first half of the year:

Location & ConferenceDate
Atlanta, GA Surgical OR ConferenceFeb. 29, 2020
Cleveland, OH Cardio ConferenceMarch 21. 2020
Harrisonburg, VA Cardio ConferenceMarch 28, 2020
Atlanta, GA Cardio ConferenceApril 18, 2020
South Chicago, IL Cardio ConferenceApril 22, 2020
Boston, MA 9th Cardiovascular SymposiumMay 2, 2020
Raleigh, NC Cardio ConferenceMay 2, 2020
San Antonio, TX Cardio ConferenceMay 9, 2020
Parkersburg, WV Cardio ConferenceJune 13, 2020

We also look forward to confirming 2020 dates in the following locations:

  • Arizona - Phoenix
  • California - San Diego
  • Florida - Orlando
  • Georgia - Atlanta
  • Illinois - Rockford
  • North Carolina - Charlotte
  • North Carolina - Raleigh
  • Kansas - Lawrence
  • Oklahoma - Tulsa
  • Tennessee - Nashville
  • Virginia - Richmond

Beginning in 2018, we lowered prices for attendees at our meetings to encourage attendance by all cardiac professionals in the area. It is central to our mission to spread excellent continuing RN, radiologic and cardiovascular technologist education to all. We also want to make the most of these opportunities for regional networking and the pursuit of excellent patient care across organizational boundaries.

Cardiology CE 2020: Host an ACVP Cardio Conference! Bring continuing education to you.

Bring an ACVP Regional Conference to You

In addition to making our meetings attractive to all nearby cardiac professionals, we also want our meetings to provide a great deal of value to our hosts who make them possible. As always, regional meetings are absolutely free for team members of the host institution.

ACVP meetings are an excellent opportunity to provide a benefit to team members who need CEUs, provide timely, quality-focused education on new practice developments and get everyone up-to-speed, and network with other providers in the region—or maybe even show off how awesome your team is in front of them.

ACVP makes it easy to host a conference and bring excellent continuing education directly to your team. It's not too late to plan a meeting in 2019! To recap, ACVP makes it easy to:

  • Provide CEUs for RNs, RTs, CVTs and dual-credentialed professionals
  • Provide excellent, unique and cardiac-specific continuing education
  • Provide value to the entire cardiac care team
  • Facilitate quality-focused regional networking

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