What’s Next for Your Career?

Membership is an Opportunity to Advance, Earn More

What does membership in a professional association like the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals offer you? Short answer: a higher salary, more opportunities for advancement, and more chances for you to be recognized for your work and seen as a professional who advances the field of cardiovascular care.

Association membership and compensation are connected. A 2008 Smith Bucklin report analyzed salary data across the United States and found, when controlling for other demographic and job category variables, that association members earned on average $10,000 more than their non-member colleagues.

What's next for your career? How do you reach the next rung of the career ladder? How might you overcome the physical and emotional exhaustion of your hard work and find personal and professional fulfillment above and beyond the day-to-day?

Maybe it's unclear how you can demonstrate your commitment and worth, beyond simply showing up and doing a great job every day. Or maybe it seems like you've achieved the highest level of recognition or compensation for your profession, and there's no more space to grow. Maybe you want to make a greater, direct impact on the quality of care in your community by advancing into management, but are unclear where to start on that path.

No matter what you're trying to accomplish in your life, personally and professionally, every big achievement starts with a first step. If we want to be sure of achieving our goals, we should make sure our first steps provide us with the support we need to finish the journey.

As the only professional association catering specifically to non-physician professionals in cardiovascular care, ACVP is the best resource to help you achieve your goals. Membership in ACVP is a first step towards advancing your profession and your career.

Keep reading to learn more about how ACVP membership can support you, or take your first steps now by joining ACVP and accessing our many supportive benefits and services.

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How Association Membership Enhances Your Opportunity

1. Membership and Compensation are Connected. 

Getting down to the brass tacks—membership and compensation are connected. A 2008 Smith Bucklin report analyzed salary data across the United States and found, when controlling for other demographic and job category variables, that association members earned on average $10,000 more than their non-member colleagues.

What accounts for the huge difference? We believe that the opportunities and recognition provided via membership and participation in the Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals—outlined further, below—greatly support professionals in navigating their careers.

Membership can help you on your way to greater personal and professional fulfillment, advance your professional value, and help ensure you are compensated accordingly!

2. Association Membership Provides Low-Risk Opportunities for Professional Growth.

Association membership provides myriad opportunities for taking on leadership roles, getting your writing published in industry journals and magazines (like CV Directions, ACVP’s peer-reviewed magazine), finding mentorship programs to advance your learning and career, and many more ways in which your professional development and contributions can be amplified and broadcast to your peers or superiors.

These opportunities not only provide obvious benefit to you – developing your leadership and occupational skills, helping you to cultivate meaningful professional relationships, and advancing your reputation – but also they have a positive impact on your field more generally, as you reinforce and foster a culture of collaboration, continued learning, and quality improvement.

This is more than just an optimistic re-framing of association participation – the effects of the transformational leadership opportunities afforded by association membership have been studied, and have been shown to have a demonstrable effect on the quality of healthcare delivery. Effectively wielding the “social influence” made available through active participation in an association has effects that reverberate from inside professional communities to the bedsides of patients in care.

ACVP provides multiple opportunities for members to step into leadership roles. Contributing to our publications and online content, forming an ACVP Chapter, pursuing fellowship through ACVP, or bringing your own ideas to the table on how we can advance the mission of ACVP—the more active your engagement, the greater all our successes will be!

3. Membership Magnifies Your Impact On Quality. 

Individuals who pursue opportunities for leadership experience a reduced burnout rate—by aligning their individual work and the work of their immediate peers with the larger, mission-focused shared values of an organization. Keeping this larger view in focus, and disseminating the shared victories and collaborative spirit of cardiovascular work, ACVP works to elevate non-physician involvement in furthering the quality of cardiac care.

On top of this ideologically driven work, ACVP provides opportunities for members (and non-members in some cases) to attain the necessary Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) that are critical to maintaining cardiovascular credentials. We do this because 1) we know it is something that our members need, and 2) because it advances the field to have more professionals engaged in a dialogue around various topics in care.

We believe that the more perspectives we have at the “table” of cardiovascular care, the more solutions will stem out of our conversations, and the more impactful our work will be.

membership supports your profession

4. Membership Magnifies Your Voice for Advocacy. 

One of the fundamental values of professional associations is the compounded effect that they can have on the relevance, prominence, and maintenance of a given field of work. The greater a share of the workforce that are association members, the more influential and beneficial to all parties association efforts can be, especially in terms of negotiating new rules and regulations at the local, state, and federal level, and advocating on behalf of members and their respective organizations.

The greater voice—in support of your interests—that associations provide is especially relevant in the cardiovascular industry, where new regulations, technology, organizations, and opportunities for collaboration at all levels are constantly being developed. This “forum” aspect of associations, where members can connect and share ideas regarding specific issues, technologies, innovations, and the like, learning from one another in the process, is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of association membership.

ACVP works to emphasize this benefit by fostering and encouraging open communication between our office and members, so that we can learn directly from you what issues are most important and relevant to your work, and direct our efforts on your behalf accordingly.

5. Membership Provides You with an Experienced, Mission-Focused NETWORK.

Okay… you knew this was coming. But the networking opportunities that membership in ACVP provides are a huge part of the value. Being able to meet people who do the same work as you from around the United States is one of the best ways to expand your perspective. There is no substitute for experiential learning, and being able to learn from someone else’s experience greatly improves your own ability to take your care delivery and professional status to the next level.

Take the first steps to advancing your value and your career, make an investment in yourself and "cash in" on ACVP membership.

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